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Welcome to An Embroidered Inheritance by Pamela Belle

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MJ (3)

One day, when my casket is finished, when I have sewn all the panels and they have been fashioned by the cabinet-maker into the beautiful...


“How does that look?” Jenna stared at the woman in the mirror, and the woman in the mirror stared back, unsmiling. One thing was for...


Jenna treated herself and Rosie to an expensive meal in Norwich that evening. This would be the last time for months, probably, that...

MJ (2)

I pretend to sort through the silks and look at the pattern book, until my sisters go out of the chamber in a noisy gaggle, saying they...


Tom and Joe arrived safely in Sydney the following evening, but true to form, Jenna only discovered this on Friday morning, when a text...


“Do you think I’m making a fuss?” Saskia considered, a large cup of frothy cappuccino hovering by her mouth. She took a swig, licked her...

MJ - 1

I can remember, as if it were just now, the day when I began to work on my casket. I am sitting in my mother’s chamber, with the sunshine...


“Good afternoon, Mrs. Johnson. I understand you have a textile article you wish to be valued?” Jenna had been surprised by how quickly...


“She should have left it to me.” Patricia Clarke sipped at her steaming cup of Earl Grey, and eyed the gratuitously decadent selection of...

Hello (again possibly)!

Quite a while ago, I began to write an online novel initially called 'The Casket', in the form of a blog, chapter by chapter...

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Thanks for your interest in AnEmbroideredInheritancebyPamelaBelle. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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