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Mission Statement!

How it all began

This is what I wrote right at the very beginning, more than four years ago now

'OK, let's be clear here - this is a work in progress.  Which means that I'm bound to make changes to it as I go along - nothing's going to be set in stone.  Characters may change their names, locations may alter, bits of dialogue might get deleted, or inserted if I think of some particularly fun quip or put-down, or just feel that it's got a bit stilted.  If anyone wants to make suggestions (apart from those on the lines of '*%@! off you £*&&%@!', in which case I'll just curl up under the duvet and cry), please feel free, but do bear in mind that in the end this is my story and I'll do what I want with it.  I know roughly where I'm going, but that isn't set in stone either, and I may veer off the path and get hopelessly lost or bogged down.  So be patient with me - this may take a while!'

Which of course it did - four years, to be precise.  And curiously, my life began, in some respects but not all, to imitate art.  Suffice it to say that I now live on my own, with two Burmese cats, in a small house stuffed with books and pictures and other things I love, and I even, like Jenna, have a little red Peugeot - but the circumstances that led me here were rather different, and alas I have no beautiful family heirloom to research!

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